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I have owned nightclubs for 20 years, my biggest problem always employee theft.  I just sold my last one and am opening a new location.  My priority to curtail this. From research the best thing I have come up with is a pos system with a text reader integrated with the security cameras.
I am very confused about what works with what and what from my old system may be still be used.  I have looked at the 2touch system recommended on Bar Rescue but unssure which elements I would need and whether it can be integrated or why this system is better than others. I would also like mobile credit card capibility and at least 1 ipad tjough not a deal breaker,
I have 4 complete pos stations. The hard drives are old and need replaced. I have the cash drawers and 3 printers.  The software is completly outdated.  I have 4 touch screen monitors.
Can you explain this this system, whether it supports what I want and the minimum I would need to buy? I am also unclear on the text readers bought seperatly as one kind runs 200.00 more than the other.
Any other system or suggestions you have are appreciated. I don't serve food, mainly sell simple drinks and beer but at a face past.
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Hello Jayne, Thank you for the question. I have many contacts who use old and new POS and usually they have trouble merging old with new. Most of the operators that do beverage volume have taken to using cameras, but like any system - it is only as good a its users/reviewers. It would be difficult for me from here to assess your systems. The best thing I can point you to is the HT website where they have rated & explained many options. You can contact many represented suppliers from this article and talk to their experts - who should have much deeper technical expertise in regard to your questions.

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