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sir,i want to open new family restaurant.i own nearly two acres of land on national highway which is road touch.i can build the retaurant on my own and want management contract with some agency or restaurant who can handel day to day operations and management and give me revenue share.
Can u please tell me to whome should i contact for management contract to run my restaurant.the name and contact of such agenciesor restaurants who will sign management contract with my land is very road touch to the national highway in class three city whose population is around 1 and half lakhs. Thank u sir. Pl reply urgently.


You have stated that
1. You have the money to invest in restaurant
2. You have a location
3. You do not know how to run a restaurant

From the above its not clear whether
1.You want to be a developer and want restaurants to open there
2. you want to get into the restaurant business

The most important question is if a restaurant is feasible there irrespective of who invests. So have you done a feasibility study.

There are two kinds of franchise models FOFO- franchisee Owned & franchisee Operated Model and Franchise Owned and Company Operated Model. You seem to be interested in the latter.
Goto franchise based site like franchise india etc and see the range of restaurant options that exist. Invite them to evaluate the space and commercials. Insist on FOCO model. Perhaps they can sink their teeth by investing with you. Irrespective, of their claims you need to do your own due diligence.

Prima facie an indian vegetarian restaurant like Haldirams etc would work. Alternatively, you can build a complex which can be a home to a dozen of restaurants of various sizes.
This would depend if the space has transient traffic going through it.

Hope this gets you started.  

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