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Hi Adam.

I am a Mexican chef that will partner up with one person in Boston.
I want to know how much % of profits will be fair for both of us.
He will invest arround 100K for a small takeout place, I won't invest a dime. The concept, dishes, menu, logo, slogan, etc. is very original and is 100% mine. He tried my food in Mexico with some of his relatives and they said ...let's do it. We all think that this is going next homerun in US once all concept is unique.

Should I ask for salary plus % of profits? I will be working on the BOH and he will be doing the FOH but as you may know my job will be more time cosuming than far.

And what if we get very succesfull and are able to franchise? How much to split on franchising?

I really apreciate your advise.

Best regards.


Make sure to get everything in writing, that is very important and that both you and him sign and agree on terms. That's #1. Also need to have stipulations about future growth and how you will be paid upon expansion.
Profit sharing is a good way to take ownership over a project. It is a little scary, because it is easy to hide money and show no profits. So again, this must be a provision in your agreement to be able to see the books and bank statements to match. Profits generally aren't very high in the restaurant industry anyway, so the amount of sharing won't be very much. If you do a really great job at running the restaurant, your profits will be around ten percent. An average would be more around 3%. What I would do is split the profits up into sections. Half the profit should go back into the restaurant or into an account for rainy days or expansion. One quarter can go to investors/financing partners. The other quarter should be split between upper management equally.
Your salary really depends on how much money the restaurant will be making. Labor total needs to be around 30%, so your salary, your staff and the owners salary all need to fit within the 30%. Guessing on that type of restaurant, I would say sales will be around $150,000 per month, $1.8 Mil a year. Your salary should be between $45,000-65,000 per year to start plus profit share. Maybe you can also add into your agreement, that upon opening of the restaurant and/or expansion, you take a certain percent of ownership, maybe 5%.

Although it is your food and concept, it is still someone else's money and they are taking the biggest risk. If this doesn't succeed, you're out of a job. If this fails for them, they could be in a really bad situation for a long time.

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