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I have an opportunity to lease a fully equipped restaurant.  It's a small mom and pop type of place that has been leased by 7 others in the last 16 years.  There were various reasons the other renters left from debt to thinking it would be fun and not hard work to just burned out.  The person who stayed the longest was me.  I was the second renter and was there 4 years and made out pretty well, but the 14 hour days, 7 days a week was horrible and I burned out.  The building and equipment have been kept up to date and in excellent shape...excellent price, location, etc.  I know I can make a go of it because I have before.  My question is:  how do I make this business have a different feel so that others don't look at it as though it wont last like the others?  Another location is not an option, so I really want to make this work.

Dear Cris,

Perhaps market your return as  a previous owner and try to recapture your once loyal customers.

Also consider closing on your slowest day of the week to keep your sanity.

You make no mention of the type of place it is or location so I can't offer a whole lot of advise.

If it feels right for you.....GO FOR IT !!!!

Best of luck and prosperity to you !!

Rick Dudasik

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