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I have no capital to open a restaurant but I do have a lot of restaurant management experience.  I would like to open a restaurant that caters to the 9-5 professional.  I want to keep it simple such as soups, salads, and sandwiches.  I want allow for small parties but also focus on a restaurant where businesses can go to have business luncheons.  I also want to cater offsite lunches.  I am not looking for fine dining appetite but I want the restaurant to be a sophisticated, professional, and tasteful look.  My labor will be kept to a minimum at first and I will buy used equipment.  I just need direction as to where to begin and how to get startup capital.  Thank you for your help.

Dear Joyce,

I,m sorry to say, but most small startups are done with funds from family and friends.

Banks won't touch you and some on line lenders will but you will have to "Jump through hoops" and pay huge interest to get even a $10000 loan.

Best advise is to find a private "sponsor" (Silent partner) That believes in you!

Best of luck to you.....


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