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I am only a student (so be nice!). I am currently in the very earliest stages of thinking of a business idea, and would be overjoyed if you could possibly provide me with the figures on the unit costs of pizza, just a simple, margarita pizza.

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Jacob, I am happy to answer your question. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a pizza. The type of cheese you use, the type of tomatoes you choose and the box. Typically if you use a good grade high gluten flour the cost of a 50 lb bag is around $20. According to the size of the pizza a large dough would cost you around .50. The cheese would cost around $2.00. The box around .40 and the sauce around .30. If you put fresh basil on top and a little garlic and oregano the total cost is roughly $3.50. Don't forget your labor cost. Typical Margherita pizza is around $16. Your food cost would be around 20-22%. I hope this helps. We use all homemade ingredients and hight quality cheese and sauce.Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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I am well versed in most areas of the restaurant industry. I have had 30 years of experience in Setting up, designing, menu planning, food and labor costing and the full build out of 6 restaurants. I also have a lot of knowledge in the laws of NY state.In addition I have extensive knowledge in the golf industry from food and beverage to the operations of a private club.


I have owned built and operated 6 restaurants from fine dining to pizzeria's. My experience spans over 30 years in this industry. My areas of expertise are: Food and beverage, Purchasing, food costing, menu planning as well as the daily needs of a restaurant. I have extensive knowledge in the full build out of a new restaurant from the ground up. I have also owned and operated the food and beverage operations in a private country club. My knowledge in the golf industry is fairly extensive and can answer most questions in this area as well.

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