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"Hello, and thank you for reading my question. I am from Mexico and buy a restaurant in Miami a year ago. As you can guess I am not familiar with labor laws, specially about wages, unemployment and those kind of things. I fired an employee because insubordination (he shout and threaten me in front of all employees) and he filled an unemployment. When I receive it I answer that I fired him because of that. Now I receive a notification for the benefits paid to this person. I don't understand why did they give this to him even though I fire him for a very good reason. How did they calculate the benefits? and the dates of the reporting period were when this restaurant was not even ours. HELP!!! I need someone that can explain all this to me.


I live in Missouri, so I can't speak for Florida's unemployment laws.  But I can tell you some general information that should be helpful:

1) In most states, you have the right to appeal the unemployment ruling.  This means contacting the unemployment office and setting up a hearing.  If you had a legitimate reason for firing an employee, you may get them to reverse their decision.  There is a time limit on an appeal, so if it is available, you will need to contact them as soon as possible.

2) To prevent this in the future, I would strongly suggest you do two things: First, you need to create an employee handbook that clearly states your policies.  Give this to each existing employee and to all new employees as a part of their orientation. Secondly, if an employee is out of line (but not being fired), you need to use a "counseling" form to write out what the employee did wrong (for instance showing up late for work)and have the employee sign that he or she acknowledges that you have provided them with a warning about what will happen (termination, etc.) if they do this again in the future.  Then file this in the employee's file.  This gives you written documentation and will help you with unemployment claims should they repeat the violation and you terminate them.

If you are not familiar with how to create an effective employee handbook or how to create and use a counseling form, we can help.  Our fees for this are very reasonable.

Feel free to email me directly if we can help you.

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