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Running a Restaurant/Portable Vacuum cleaner for Restaurants.


Dear Robert

Do you feel Portable vacuum cleaner product could be useful for Restaurant cleaning maintenance purposes?.


My experience with vacuums is that if you buy a cheap one they will not last. Most vacuum stores or restaurant supply houses will try to sell you a backpack vacuum and although they work very well your staff will not want to strap one on their backs. They become heavy and your staff will try to suck everything they can into it. I would suggest a good shop vacuum one that is heavy duty and has wheels on it. I would also suggest that you get one with a metal wand the plastic ones do not last. If you buy an industrial one they will last a long time and be easy to pull around your tables. They have a lot of suction and the hose is usually larger so if they suck up straws and other items the vacuum will be able to handle it well. something like this will work very well. Tennant V6 DRY CANISTER VACUUM. You can google it. It is not the cheapest but it will last you for years. Let me know if I can help in any other way..


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I am well versed in most areas of the restaurant industry. I have had 30 years of experience in Setting up, designing, menu planning, food and labor costing and the full build out of 6 restaurants. I also have a lot of knowledge in the laws of NY state.In addition I have extensive knowledge in the golf industry from food and beverage to the operations of a private club.


I have owned built and operated 6 restaurants from fine dining to pizzeria's. My experience spans over 30 years in this industry. My areas of expertise are: Food and beverage, Purchasing, food costing, menu planning as well as the daily needs of a restaurant. I have extensive knowledge in the full build out of a new restaurant from the ground up. I have also owned and operated the food and beverage operations in a private country club. My knowledge in the golf industry is fairly extensive and can answer most questions in this area as well.

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