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Sensor Door Systems for Restaurant.4/15/2016
  Q: Do you recommend Sensor Door Systems for Restaurant?. Thanks Prashant
  A: I'm fine with installing a system so you'll get a notification whenever someone comes in the door, ...
Aquarium fish tanks in Restaurants.4/11/2016
  Q: Do you recommend to keep few Aquarium fish tanks in Restaurant which will add Business value?. ...
  A: I never had aquariums in my restaurant, but I do think they could bring in customers if you do them ...
Seats Reservation on Restaurants website.3/31/2016
  Q: Do you feel it is useful for customers to have Seats reservation facility on Restaurant website?. ...
  A: I'm not a big fan of taking reservations in general. You have to hold tables for people who may not ...
Portable Vacuum cleaner for Restaurants.3/29/2016
  Q: Do you feel Portable vacuum cleaner product could be useful for Restaurant cleaning maintenance ...
  A: I'm not sure I completely understand your question. When you say a "portable vacuum cleaner" what ...
Restaurants rooms sections.3/25/2016
  Q: Do you recommend to have separate rooms for customers seating which classifies as vegetarian and non ...
  A: I don't know how things are in India, but that seems a little excessive in my opinion. When I owned ...
Electronic panel in Restaurants.3/13/2016
  Q: Do you feel it could be useful for customers to have a Electronic lcd or Led panel displaying ...
  A: I'm a big fan of the electronic menu boards for several reasons: 1) The colors really pop and are ...
labor costs9/14/2015
  Q: We have a deli within a health food store. We are wondering what our labor and food costs should be? ...
  A: When we owned our restaurant, our goal was to keep payroll under 20% of revenues and our food costs ...

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I can answer any type of question related to the restaurant industry. I started and owned my own restaurant for 15 years. I now own a web based business selling a piece of kitchen equipment (The Drain Strainer) that I invented in my restaurant as well as own my own marketing agency (Calibrate Marketing). If you have questions about running or marketing your restaurant, then feel free to ask me anything.


I started and have owned three restaurants for over 15 years. We started our restaurants from scratch and learned it all along the way. My duties included financials, marketing, hiring (everything except cooking). Before owning my restaurants, I was an engineer. My main job title is "problem solver". If you've got a problem and you're stumped on how to proceed, then even if I don't know the right answer, I can at least point you in the right direction.

Rotary Club of Springfield MO, American Cancer Society Action Network, Springfield MO Chamber of Commerce

Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Master's Degree in Engineering Managment from the University of Missouri - Science and Technology.

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Awarded 2008 Restaurateur of The Year by the MO Restaurant Association.

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