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Russia/How do ordinary Rusians percieve Pakistan?


Hello Darya. How true is it that normal ordinary everyday Russians don't have positive feelings, or lets say don't like Pakistan as a country because of Pakistan's vital and instrumental role in breaking up the Soviet Union by actively supporting war in Afghanistan against them during the last decade of the cold war? Pakistan not only supported their enemy with weapons, but actively engaged Soviet Army and Air force in battle. Do they still harbor ill feelings for Pakistan and Pakistanis? I'm curios about the thinking of ordinary Russians in this regard. Thank you

Dear Abdullah!

I should consider that the point of view you presented is totally unknown for me. Jther young people who I talked to were also surprised by the question of the role of Pakistan in breaking up Soviet Union. The same I think with the elder generation.

May be you are dissopointed with this absence of interest ti Pakistan's role. Otherwise you will be glad I suppose that Russians have no ill feelings to Pakistanis.

Thanks for  ypur interest to Russia,


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