Hi Darya,

Please see the map of St. Petersburg on this page:

Recently we visited the city and went to the Hermitage (Эрмита́ж) etc. etc.

My question: which district of the city is the Hermitage in?
Here is the list:
1. Admiralteysky 2. Vasileostrovsky 3. Vyborgsky 4. Kalininsky 5. Kirovsky 6. Kolpinsky 7. Krasnogvardeysky 8. Krasnoselsky 9. Kronshtadtsky 10. Kurortny 11. Moskovsky 12. Nevsky 13. Petrogradsky 14. Petrodvortsovy 15. Primorsky 16. Pushkinsky 17. Frunzensky 18. Tsentralny

If you're not sure exactly, an approximate answer would be fine, just to give me an idea of the geography of the city.

Many thanks


PS Where is the stress on your first name and surname and what do they mean, please? I'm interested in Slavonic names.
Btw, in Persian and Turkish there is a name "Derya/Darya" meaning "sea".

Hello, Simon!

Thank you for the question. The answer is easy to find in the net. Here you can see the address: Russia, 190000, St Petersburg, Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya (Embankment), 34 (this is how we usually in Russia write addresses: country, city, street...)

Then I have read in russian Wikipedia, that Hermitage is in Tsentralny District (the same in meaning as Central). Unfortinately it is not mentioned in English versions.

So I decided to check on the map. On Yandex I saw that Hermitage is directly between Tsentralny and Admiralteysky District. It is a big pity that by now Yandex maps are only in Russian and Ukranian. But developers say names in english will be written someday. If so Yandex maps will be very useful for you.

As to my name I should say that I really don't know how should I write it so that it sounded approximately like in Russian. Here you can here how russians pronounce it. I don't like that it differs so much so that I write Darena - this is how my family names it. In Russian it sounds this way. In informal speech people usually call me Dasha.

As I know, my name is the female variant of the ancient name of Persian origin Darius after Darius I. Today it means sea, but it is more common to understand as "he possesses" or "rich and kingly".

Stresses in Russian last names depend on those who possess it. Kalachˇva - this is how it pronounced. It ia from the word калач - is a traditional East Slavic bread, commonly served during various ritual meals.

Did you like Peterburg? When have you been there? Have you visited other cities?



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