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Dear Darena,

Thank you so much your excellent answer has truly pinpointed the location of the Hermitage for me.

As a kind of follow-up question (it's very much on the same theme), where exactly in Петродворцо́вый райо́н is Петерго́ф, please? Again, an approximate answer is fine I really only need to know if it's in the east, west or centre. I was fascinated to visit Петергоф and enchanted by my glimpse of Фи́нский зали́в just behind it.

Best wishes, and many thanks again,


PS To answer your question, this was the first time I had visited Russia, and the only other city we visited was Moscow. Re the details of our visit, I went to Russia with my wife Aygl as part of a group of Turks from İzmir, where we live now. Although I have taken Turkish nationality, I am originally from Wales (I grew up speaking both Welsh and English) we Celts have always been great travellers, or at least aspire to be! One of our songs says, 'Rwy'n mynd i weld pa un sydd well, Ai 'ngwlad fy hun, neu'r gwledydd pell. You'll find the Russian translation here:
If you ever meet a true Welshman, he will be delighted to sing the song for you. The difference between the Welsh and the English is that while the problem with the English is to get them to sing something, the problem with the Welsh is to shut us up :)! It's not for nothing that Wales is also known as Gwlad y Gn (the Land of Song).


Петерго́ф is on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland. You can check it here.побережье%20финского%20залива&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=ru&sa=N&tab=Tl

It is the same to name it Петерго́ф or Петродворе́ц.

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