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im technical student here in india

im masters in mechanical &  aerospace engineering

>> could you tell me the best engineering technical documentation source avaiable in engilsh or russian? web site

>> kindly mention few russian websites

>> i want to know marxism leninism research centre in mascow>> i need email id

>>i could not able to find out that website

>>im learing russian with my own interest

i need very less cost Russian technical universities. i want to my masters there in russia>> aerospce and rocket science

as well as i want to do my research studies in DOS CAPITOL(Karl Marx's' major work)

so i need marxism leninsm research centres address in MASCOW or in st peterburg

could you help me out?


I am sorry to tell you, that today in Russia nobody accepts marxism leninsm as a science. So some people study it as a part of philosophy or economy. I couldn't find any of such centers in centers in Moscow.

What do you mean - engineering technical documentation source? What kind of information would you like to see there? If you were more accurate I think I would help you. Do you know about NASA web-site?  Is that what are you looking for?

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