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Hi Darya
Apart from politics, what is it like living in Russia now? I am old enough to remember, from the media, stories about standing in line at the GUM store for toilet paper, food shortages, etc.
I live in Canada, and when I lived in Halifax, on the east coast, Russian navy ships would visit and the storekeepers loved it as they would buy lots of stuff unavailable in Russia at the time, that we took for granted.
Now, from what I see on TV, Russia is very modern and catching up to the west, with shopping malls, private buisneses, etc.
It seems hard to believe all this has happened in only 20 years or so!
BTW too bad about team Russia hockey! I was hoping they would beat USA! Now we have too!

Hi, Bud!

You are right - today we have a lot of food and other stuff in supermarkets. I don't think we need anything more. But it seems to be that in small towns and villages the choice of stuff is not so big - may be they simply don't need so much.

But I should mention that more example iPhones are rather expensive here - so we prefer ordering them in USA with deliver via mail or buying abroad.

As to hockey team - after the lose about a third of TV-watchers of Olympics have stopped to keep a close eye on the contest.

Best wishes,


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