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I am thinking of taking a cruise to Northern Europe this summer with a two day stay in St. Petersburg. Do you think it would be worth it? And with all of the problems right now with the Ukraine, do you think it is safe for Americans to travel to Russia?

Hello, Virginia!

For me it is obvious that you should come.

You know - Petersburg is one of russian best cities. It really worth seeing as it has saved its imperial, not soviet appearance. It is the city of Peter the Greate, Catherine the Great, Pushkin and Dostoevsky. I can say that Russian who live in european part of our country normally desire to visit Petersburg more than Moscow.

As to ukrainian crisis you can be sure - today it is as save in Russia for you as it was a year ago or 5 years ago. Most of Russians usually see Americans behind anything that happens in the world, it is so with Ukraine today. But I haven't heard any news about attacked foreigners for these reasons lately. And also Russians are very kind to people than they see them - they simply forget the habit to blame Americans in everything.

Nevertheless the level of crime in Russia is rather high. We lock our flats then we are at home or outside, we lock our cars even if we just need a minute to go to the cash desk of a gas station. Nobody can guarantee that nothing happens but if so - it's not because of Ukraine.

But St. Petersburg is not only our the most beautiful cities - it is rather save. In 2012 in Russia 1420 delinquencies were committed pro 100 000 people and in Petersburg - 1122 delinquencies pro 100 000 people.

You will enjoy St. Petersburg - lots of foreigners write me on Allexperts to ask about the city and to say that they liked it very much.

Hope I persuade you to come,


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