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Hello, Ivan

I'm currently a student of Korean and would like some
tips on how to increase vocabulary effectively and in a fun way.

I tried memorizing a list of random words but quickly got bored, and sometimes I learn complicated words like 'democracy' and 'constitution' before I learn more useful words like 'telephone', 'police officer' etc.

Any useful tips on how to pack on vocabulary and have fun would be welcome


Jake K.

Dear Jake,

Memorizing words is always boring until you start seeing the fruits of your labour. However, there are still ways to make it more fun. Here is what I could think of:

- Pick up a phrase book and learn words you like from there. Those would be the words used in colloquial communication and less formal.
- Find children poems and songs with simple vocabulary. They work great for kids but we are not so different, are we not? Our memory still works same way.

I cannot think of anything else right now. Myself, I am learning Hebrew at the moment and I do a lot of memorizing. After several languages, it's not boring at all for me. I am falling in love with this language so every new step and effort feels pleasing and stimulating.

Whatever tactic you choose, don't give up! :)

Regards, Ivan

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