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QUESTION: I am completing a memoir and have many Russian words written in English, but am unsure I am spelling them correctly. Can you help? Here is a partial list:

Da'vay Vyeepeem
Za znakomstva
za dolgoletye
na doroshku
coopet dvadset pyat
kto vyee

Can you help? If so, I may send some more. Thank you!!

ANSWER: Dear David,

It is but natural that you are not spelling those words correctly since we use another alphabet in Russian. Even when transliterated, same letters are pronounced differenly in Russian and English. Thus, direct transliteration is not really helpful.

Please advise if you need any other assistance!

Kind regards,
Ivan Boryagin

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I realize this. I lived in Russia for. A few years and am givin the reader a sense if the words used. Thus, the use of Russian spelled in English.  I actually know the Cyrillic but for the reader want them to get a sense for the language. Are the above spelled as one might in English, given this circumstance? Thanks.

I see, David. It's just that you used the world "spell" so I just couldn't help myself!

Anyway, your words seem all right except for the very last one. Could it be "oospokoysa" (успокойся) meaning "calm down"?

I think I know a website that would suit you perfectly. Here's a link to your first word there:

Myself, I currently am learning Hebrew. And in order to avoid tedious typing in Hebrew alphabet, I just copy the words from Google Translate to the above website in order to check the pronounciation. Those two websites (Google Translate and Forvo) would be perfect for you.


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