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Dear Maria,

This is from a Б.Окуджава song:
Он не требует, не просит,
He doesn't demand, he doesn't ask,
Жёлтый глаз его горит.
His yellow eye burns.
Каждый сам ему выносит
И спасибо говорит.
And says thank you.

As you can see, I'm having trouble with the third line. Please could you help?

Every blessing,


PS Again, many thanks for your kind offer to help on Skype. We live in the İzmir hills, and some things don't work as well as they might elsewhere, one of them being Skype unfortunately.

PPS How do you write your surname in Russian (please show the stress/accent) and what does it mean? I'm very interested in names.

Hello Simon,

The song is about the cat, who lives on the premises. Каждый сам ему выносит - everyone gives him food by their own free will. Выносить in certain contexts means "give food to someone outside of your home" . If you know the linguistic term "ellipsis", this is just the case. In the phrase you have difficulty with there is a word or several words missing - "something to eat" or "some food".

If we insert them into the sentence, everything becomes clear

И каждый сам ему выносит поесть / немного еды

If you are not acquainted with the term "ellipsis" and would like to know more, Wikipedia offers a good article on it.
Understanding it is essential for learning Russian since this syntactical construction is very common.


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