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Dear Liliya

My favourite song of all time is Ура́льская ряби́нушка.

What I don't understand is the first line of the following comment:
Как за неделю избавится от обвисшего живота? Просто каждый день пейте..

Presumably it's telling us that singing is good exercise and stops one from becoming fat? But I don't understand it word for word. In particular, what does за неделю mean? Should избавится perhaps be избавиться (i.e. the infinitive)?

Many thanks


Hi Simon,

The translation of the comment you are talking about is:

How to get rid of the hanging stomach (literally means the excessive skin/ fat in the abdominal area) in one week? Simply drink... every day.

за неделю = in one week

избавиться is correct, not избавится

пейте is a form of the verb "пить" (to drink)

"петь" = to sing, so in this case if they were saying that you should sing to get rid of the fat, they would say "пoйте"

Hope this all makes sense. If you need more clarification, let me know.

Good luck with everything!



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