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Russian Language/Pronunciation of Izhevsk?


I recently purchased a 1943 Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle. The markings indicate that the arsenal it was made at was "Izhevsk". I also understand that this may be a town in Russia. My question is, how exactly do I pronounce "Izhevsk" correctly? I don't want to sound stupid! Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Zachary,

Izhevsk is really a city in Russia. It's actually one of the country's 20 largest cities. There are only two vowels in the name, so it means there are only two syllables in this word. The second one gets to be stressed. "Zh" sounds like "s" in the word pleasure, and the "v" should be pronounced as "f".

In the link below, the name of the city is pronounced correctly, because the narrator is the Russian language native speaker.

Hope this helps.



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