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Russian Language/The Russian word for each of the arcades in GUM


Dear Maria

Sorry about my delay in responding to your last excellent answer and thank you again.

Please see:
What do you call each of the passages of GUM, please? The best English word is ‘arcade’ imho. If you look at the plan in the link above, you will see that there are three of them, each parallel not only with each other, but also with Red Square.

Best wishes, and many thanks,


PS Where is the stress/accent on your surname, please? I'm very interested in names.

Hello, Simon

You are kindly welcome.  :) I cant see the plan itself, but if I get it right, you are asking about the three passages, traditionally they are called Линии (if you read the history page of the site, you will see that they translated them as "lines".

The second syllable is stressed in my last name, both "u"s are pronounced like "oo" in "book"


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