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Hello Dear Ivan,

I'm an Iranian and a beginner to learn sweet Russian language.
You know well that Persian and Russian are very close to each other in melody of speech in the science of linguistics. It was one of my reasons caused I chose Russian to learn. The other reason and my most important reason for choosing Russian to learn was need to refer to Russian references in my field of specialized study.

But my requests from you dear considering that you live in Latvia and are linguistics and know better Russian references are:

1.Please introduce one or several reference and "reliable" educational books or e-books or websites or softwares(except Rosetta Stone! because I have it) for general Russian with newest grammar changes from "very beginner" to intermediate or upper levels.

2.Please introduce one or several specialized English-Russian(or Russian-English) dictionaries in Aerospace(or just Space but not Aeronautic) science.

And at the end I believe that: just one but the best is so better than a lot but not so well, so I would be grateful if you introduce the bests of them and rather downloadable!

Many thanks for your guidance beforehand, and best wishes,


Dear Mana,

Thank you for your letter which actually intrigued me.  I've always considered Farsi being very distant from Russian though both languages are indeed within the same Indo-European family.

Now, let me warn you that Russian is a very complicated language. Even when you know the alphabet and many words, we have those endless prepositions, suffixes, and endings that are very confusing.  English appears to be quite primitive comparing to Russian.

Back to your questions. In order to suggest you anything, I need to know your level. Have you studied Russian before?  Are you familiar with the alphabet?  

Once I understand where you are at, it would be my pleasure to provide you with the adequate resources.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Kind regards,

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