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Excuse my unusual question, but I have long been interested a 1994 American computer game -- and as strange as it sounds, somehow or other it came about that the Russian scifi writer Vladimir Vasiliev  got a fully authorized commission to write a Russian-language novelization of this game, while at the same time as a completely different novelization of the same game was commissioned in English from the prolific American authoress Diane Duane.

In Vasilev's version, alternate-reality June 1998 is the time when FSB protagonist Colonel Gennadi Likachev is chopped for special duties. Alpha Group is never mentioned, but it seems Likachev was mostly likely a member up util then. He becomes part of multinational efforts to stop a massive combined-arms extraterrestrial invasion of the Earth. The novel is supposed to be Licachev's autobiography or memoirs of these events. Lichaev mentions that at that point issued an advanced prototype rifle. Completely fictitious, the rifle is referred to only as a Лигурта.

Most people would just shrug their shoulders, but I would like to know what the derivation of this word is. I realize that it probably supposed to a surname, but still, what does it mean? Does it has something to do with Ligurians?

As a second question, I was reading some text about the АШ-12.7 weapon, and encountered the apparent mistranslation: "In particular, the US has developed several cartridges of calibers greater than 11 mm., which have bullet weights of 20 grams or greater, and are for use in перестволенных the AR-15/M16 rifles." I must therefore ask, what then does перестволенных mean?

Thank you very much for your time.

The latter word, перестволенных, should be "re-lined" or "re-tubed", based on the root and a glossary's definition of relining or retubing for перестволение.

I can't find any reference to Лигурта in the Russian Wikipedia, and the only hits in are to a fictional trailer park in some story.


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