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Saab/1995 saab 900 se convertable no power to the master switch


I have just recently purchased 1995 Saab 900 S. E. 4 cylinder turbo love the car but the power windows in the convertible top do not work I put my volt meter up to the nodes underneath the master switch and noticed I do not get a read out of power going to the master switch I check my fuses but have not seen any reason to cause no power going to the switch any thoughts would be greatly appreciated do they normally have a problem with a ground somewhere

 I am sorry, but as noted in my profile, my hands-on experience is limited to the older 900s..1993 or older.  On the older SAAbs, bad grounds have NOT been a particular problem.
What I have done is cases like yours is run a completely separate wire from the fuse panel to the endpoint...usually the switch input pole.
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