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Saab/1988 Saab Turbo Fluctuates and Dies


I have a 1988 Saab 900 24 Valve Turbo Convertible. It normally runs fine.  But when the outside temperature is hot and the car is driven enough to warm the engine up. The engine fluctuates and then dies. Usually takes 20 minutes or so then it will restart, but if the outside temperature is still hot it will happen again quickly. Then when the temperature is cooler it will operate just fine again. The car will crank, just seems like it is not firing.
Thank you for any suggestions or help.

 The problem you are having can be caused my many things. First, it is necessary to separate the causes between  LACK OF SPARK  or LACK OF FUEL.  You can do this by having someone remove one of the spark plug wires from a spark plug when you are in the heated engine, no-run condition. laying the end close (1/4 inch) to the engine and having someone crank the engine with the wire should then watch for a spark. It may be necessary to put a metal object in the spark plug boot end to protrude and be 1/4 inch from the engine metal. If no spark, then there is one set of additional procedures (too many to list here).
 If there IS a spark, then fuel or fuel mixture is at fault. Also,  many possibilities can cause this.
  Once you've made the determination, feel free to get back to me regarding the correct procedures.
         Hope this helps a bit,


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