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Saab/2007 saab 95


2 weeks ago I had a saab dealer replace the pcv valve. Yesterday while driving on the highway, the car felt like it was on 3 cylinders and I could smell oil. Between 70-80mph or when I got on the gas, the car made a whooshing noise that sounded like it came from underneath passenger side of car. When I made it home, I popped the hood and there was oil all over the place. Upon further investigation, while idling the car did not leak but when revving it up, oil leaked from oil dip stick neck at the base! What would cause this? The pcv valve that was replaced is different than the new one Saab put on. Could that be the problem? Please help!!!!!

 PCV valves are actually one way check valves that allow the intake manifold vacuum to evacuate any fumes in the crankcase to be burned. If the valve is defective or put in backwards, that might cause your problem. I would double check on the direction of flow and either replace or reverse the valve's direction.
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