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Hi my saab turns over radio turns on heater fan works clock above radio lights when parkers are on but no prestart dash lights no guages no window no roof working also no spark checked fuses and relay all seem fine please help

 Inasmuch as you did not specify the model year, I can only provide general recommendations. From what you've observed, it appears that the ignition keyswitch is the common factor. The terminals are as follows:
  Terminal:   30; battery power into the switch
         15: Power supplied in RUN or START position (accessories)
         50: Power supplied to starter solenoid
         54: Power supplied in RUN position only

 You should check to see whether the various terminals as noted above are energized according to switch position. My guess is that the ignition switch is at fault.

 If you give me the specific year and version {pre-1993 900s only],  I could provided more detailed info.
   Hope this helps,


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Most anything about SAAB 900's 1990 and earlier only, except for automatic transmission info. Also, I have lotsa vintage parts.


I have rebuilt many dozens of SAABS, from 1970's to 1990's.

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