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Ittany wrote at 2013-03-18 02:54:53
I just wanted to update, there still hasn't been any more news as to where it will be released, but I wanted to edit my answer I gave before. I said it would be dubbed and released, but I'm actually incorrect. When the sources said a simultaneous worldwide release, i assumed dubbed in different languages (including english), but it might just be subtitled in different languages then released online or something to that effect. I'm sorry for the misinformation before, but I just thought I'd let you know. (this is the expert (Ittany) that originally answered the question, but for some reason it's not showing up)


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I can answer ANY question about any of the seasons, movies, and/or episodes (90s Anime). I've never had the pleasure of reading the original manga, and have never seen the PSGM or musicals, so I can't answer questions about those. Though I am currently reading the rerelease of the mangas. I've seen every english dubbed episode there is to see. I can tell what season/movie a scene/episode is from, what episode a part is from, I can pretty much answer any question about any episode, movie, or season. Please only ask questions that could be answered from facts from the series. I've done some research but I would like to stay away from opinion questions. I can give an episode number that parts are to. (I also don't know much about the voice actors/actresses) I'm on my computer everyday, and I have plenty of time to answer your question, I usually answer within 12 hours, 24 at the most. SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL: As it's still relatively new, I can answer SOME questions, but can't guarentee that I'll know the answers.


I can answer questions on the Sailor Moon season one, two, R, S, SuperS, Promise of The Rose, Hearts On Ice, and Black Dream Hole. I can answer a few questions about the Stars version, but I have only seen each episode twice. Any question I'm not sure of, I WILL look up, but i've yet to have to look any up. Please don't ask opinion questions or questions about why a character did or did not do something. I'm not a writer and wouldn't know.

Organizations The facebook page Eternal Sailor Moonies. Disregard the url as I made the url when Sailor Moon was slated for release in 2013 and dumb facebook won't let me change it.

I write fanfiction. My penname is SailorMoonForever on Full URL:


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