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How many dvds come in the Sailor Moon English dub series? How dvds does season 5 have?

Well, it can vary by type of box set, I'm sure Amazon would have better answers on this than I would. For instance, the uncut box set (Japanese only) for only season one would have 8 dvds, the normal season one set has 7. My box set has all 5 seasons, 1 and 2 are uncut, plus the 3 movies... That totals up to 50 dvds. Season 5 from my set has 4 dvds.


Seasons 1 & 2 uncut - 8 dvds each (Japanese only)
Season's 1 & 2 English dub - 7 each
Season 3 English dub - 6 each
Season 4 English dub - 7 each
Season 5 Japanese only (as it was never dubbed into English) 4 dvds

Hope this helped somewhat!

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