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K let me b more specific with since u couldn't answer my question. How many dvds are there in sailor moon English dub region 2. Also I deleted email from the first response.  Could I get that answer. I don't appreciate the rudeness.  If u don't like answering questions, maybe u need another job

I don't know what your previous question was as I can't find another question with the same questioner name, but here is what I can answer from this question:
My personal collection which contains (usually) six episodes per disk is 30 disks, but about five of the disks are of the StarS season which was never dubbed.
I don't know what your first question was as I get several questions a weeek.
I don't recall being rude, but if it came across that way, I apologize. That is not my intention.
I love answering questions, but this is not a job. I do this purely as a VOLUNTEER. I do NOT get paid for this.  

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I can answer ANY question about any of the seasons, movies, and/or episodes (90s Anime). I've never had the pleasure of reading the original manga, and have never seen the PSGM or musicals, so I can't answer questions about those. Though I am currently reading the rerelease of the mangas. I've seen every english dubbed episode there is to see. I can tell what season/movie a scene/episode is from, what episode a part is from, I can pretty much answer any question about any episode, movie, or season. Please only ask questions that could be answered from facts from the series. I've done some research but I would like to stay away from opinion questions. I can give an episode number that parts are to. (I also don't know much about the voice actors/actresses) I'm on my computer everyday, and I have plenty of time to answer your question, I usually answer within 12 hours, 24 at the most. SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL: As it's still relatively new, I can answer SOME questions, but can't guarentee that I'll know the answers.


I can answer questions on the Sailor Moon season one, two, R, S, SuperS, Promise of The Rose, Hearts On Ice, and Black Dream Hole. I can answer a few questions about the Stars version, but I have only seen each episode twice. Any question I'm not sure of, I WILL look up, but i've yet to have to look any up. Please don't ask opinion questions or questions about why a character did or did not do something. I'm not a writer and wouldn't know.

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