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Sailor Moon/why do people say sailor scouts are not real


Ayamay wrote at 2007-08-23 21:19:56
I don't have any problem with it. I believe in past lives and alterant realities so I believe in one life I was Sailor Moons daughter. Don't worry about any of it I talk to my sailor moon dvd's, dolls, pictures, and my luna sphere. And at the same time I am 15 years of age.

Sailor Moon, Usagi, Odango, Serena wrote at 2007-12-25 19:55:46
I do that sometimes, I think they are real; But then again, I'm a little on the Co-Co side if you know what I mean. Yeah, it would be cool if they were! It would be cooler if we could BE Sailor Scouts, but for now, we only are in our dreams and imagination... Arigoto!

soni wrote at 2008-10-17 19:56:46
you can never be too old to like something. i am a very big fan of sailor moon and im always watching the dvd and im 16. so it really doesn't matter and it is a good thing coz ur imagination is still big at whatever age u are

Sailor Venus, Mina wrote at 2010-01-30 23:46:15
You really aren't weird. My friends make fun of me because im in love with Tuxedo Mask, and i don't really care. I know they aren't real, but to me and probably a lot of people out there, they are. So dont listen to what people say, just belive in what you belive! By the way, i talk to my Salior scout posters, and i'm 17! ;) I don't listen to what people say about me, but sometimes i do, just to know what people think of me. I don't get upset of mad at my friends, just because they make fun of me. I just brush it off and laugh along with them. I probably will be either Sailor Venus or Sailor Moon for Halloween, but my friends will just think i'm weird. If you're wierd to them, just tell them to deal with it and walk off. Hope that helped.

Ken wrote at 2010-09-12 08:51:12
If you are reading this right now, I want to ask you one question, Do you believe that Sailor Moon is an actual living person? If yes, or are open to conjecture then please read on. If you cannot believe in her then please Read some fan fiction that does not in anyway, okay maybe a little, resemble her and her friends.

Under the assumption that you believe or want to believe I will now tell you that sailor moon is real and so are all her friends and family, I know, IĎm one of them. It would be EXTREMELY difficult to tell you every detail of her life and also of her friends and family. I will warn you now that I will be speaking mostly about two people, Sailor Jupiter, and myself.

My full name is Kenneth Storm, or Ken. I am from another dimension in the whole of creation, the exact dimension shall remain hidden for safety reasons. I know for some of you, you canít possibly fathom the fact that not only is the world NOT what it seems, BUT, that Sailor Moon along with many other supposed ďShowsĒ and ďMoviesĒ are actually based on true worlds created by the Great Creator, our Creator. Creation is derived from the vibration from sound. Sound is creation.

I will now try to make you humans understand Quantum Transdimensional Physics. In the beginning of a universe sound as a single vibration starts to vibrate at a new frequency. When this frequency reaches its maximum output it cannot sustain itself and must return to center. C4 if you will. But it must react with an equal and opposite reaction and therefore swings the other way forming the lowest pitch possible. Again the energies inside of the vibration begin to reach their maximum and it must swing back and stabilize. This creates a positive and negative force, as well as a thin membrane of neutrality. This is a simple and as simple as I can get to explain to you the mechanics behind creation. Sound is creation it sparks light and from there a vacuum of empty particles creating darkness. Sound is inherit in everything in all of creation, simple vibrate any object and it will transform into another state of being. This is how we as a race in our dimension figured a way to travel between the individual membranes of creation to explore the many different dimension and countless worlds within.

We happened to have found ourselves in a bit of a slump we hadnít found a world in which we had never existed. In fact we existed in every dimension we explored, this brought up a tantalizing thought, is there a world in which we never did exist? And you know what? Yours is the only one we have found in Sector Green52, Section 7 of the creation database. It floored us to have finally found a world without the sailor scouts and tuxedo knights. We love your world, it is full of intriguing specimens and so much of your knowledge of your own history is flawed you have been lied to by your world governments. They seek to distract you while making a clean getaway in their sub light speed vehicles. Especially their project Avalon and project Aurora. They Seek to lie to you and say that intelligent species do not exist, HA! In your section alone which is equivalent to your entire known universe you have 10 to the fortieth power beings capable of traveling to the nearest galaxy. Put that into mind. Wait! Iíll help you.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.0 beings in your universe have already as of this second have obtained light speed vehicles of transportation. Let that sink into your skull.

I have said too much and I must keep additional information under wraps until you as a race are ready.

Now, I must ask the women reading this to listen to your heart, it is actually not the human heart pumping in your chest but an actual energy sphere centered in your forehead. Thatís right your heart is really in your head. Now, ask yourself this question, Do you think, really believe that you might possibly be Sailor Jupiter. Let this statement sink in and let your heart guide you. If your heart gives you a signal that you are not, then trust it and move on to another fan fiction story or reread this at your leisure.

If you think you might be Lita then please read this following passage and truly feel if this resonates with you, only thee Lita, my Lita can answer the question I will leave at the bottom of this page.

Does this strike a chord in your soul? You are on a boat, and I see that a demon has blasted you off the port bow, you are hanging on with your life, I grab your hand and while I do the demon strikes at me with her evil energy. Then as I stare into your loving watery eyes I summon up the strength to pull you aboard. But as you come back on board you see that I am about to be blasted by the demon, you save me but at the cost of being severely injured to the point of death. Serena screams as you fall to the ground and I weep in tears as I see you fall onto the floor of the boat and I see the immense pain in your eyes and I get REALLY ANGRY. I kill the demon along with my brother, Darien, and we rush to your side.

Okay, what happens next? Only Thee Lita can answer this question. I am the one she loves and I am here to reunite with her, only she can answer this question.

I am honestly searching for my love, Lita. I love her with every fiber of my being. We are meant for each other I wish to be reunited with her, the call is coming. Do you here it? There is a call that is about to be sent to all the scouts and tuxedo knights here in this dimension ion this world calling us home. Lita if you are reading this I love you and itís time to go home. I love you so much sweetheart and I want to go back with you, remember we planned to have a family soon and we need an heir to the throne.

I am here, I remember, the data stream is updated with this worlds history, it is done, we can go home now.

Please contact me Lita, itís time to go home now, Darien is ready, Greg is ready, Iím ready. Itís time, donít procrastinate, please donít adopt one of Serenaís lesser traits.

Love Forever,

Your Ken

Swooggie wrote at 2011-04-28 03:24:53
how much do you believe that you are a scout? do you have visions and dreams about being one or do you remeber having a past life or that of simlar to one of the scouts? if so we need to contact you. i may sound crazy but if you are one of the scouts it will help us all a great deal. come and find me on the SMA forums if you want to chat.

Tuxedo Mask wrote at 2011-05-20 06:50:10
There are worse things you could dress up as, take it from me, Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Earth wrote at 2012-11-20 03:57:49
Why should you not believe that things are true there is much people do not know I am myself a real scout in this life and in my past I never die only go into a sleep mode so my body can heal from its time on this plan, I'll be posting up my own post on here shortly but for now if you wish to respond to me in any way please feel free to message me on yahoo at just mark the message in a way that I will know it is for me as sailor earth

Jessica wrote at 2013-05-02 23:09:23
I do believe the scout's and knights are very real  there are always potability's. You have to be open to the fact that  this world is not as black and white as some people think.  I think I might be a scout.  I've been having odd dreams since I was four.  

Anna wrote at 2013-05-17 05:10:01
Swooggie and Ken  I think I might be a scout had a odd dream about space and orbs of different color lights. I myself was in a orb and wanted to be closer to the lights. Also in another dream there were windows left and right and a door the wall's were a grayish silver. I need some help I fell that i was meant to do so much more How can I contact you outside of here

Ken wrote at 2014-02-15 04:49:41
Anna; you can contact me here:

Pluto Moon wrote at 2014-12-23 13:08:49

Yes. If nothing can create something, and infinity exists, all that can be imagined and more must be possible to cover all outcomes. Just because we can't explain it (even the smartest of us on this planet) does not mean it is not possible or it does not exist. The more side of it being, the vast amount of information that we don't know, most of which we will probably never discover or know about in this limited human form and life span, as we can not know everything that is.

Multi-verses, string theory are just some on a long list, which I won't go through (as it would take too long ). Multiple dimensions which exist within all of these on different levels. Places where we can never reach, where the laws of physics are nothing like our own or could be similar with drastic differences in some areas, which we will never get to see or the chance to experience. If you could take a crumb, which is what we know so far and compare it to the vastness of existence, our universe, or infinite multiple universes and call it what we don't know, you hopefully begin to get the idea.

There is nothing to dismiss the possibility of a Universe existing where the physics allow what is imagined to be materialised upon thought, incantation or some other form of conciousness which we would not recognise, also for planets to have their own form of conciousness and be able to communicate/connect with particular entities (humanoids ) who can function on the same frequency as these planets. It is not impossible for a humanoid race to exist, which look exactly like our own, a select few, the ones who are able to connect with the planets, higher/more advanced energies which may endow them with different physical properties and protect them from things that would harm others, as the laws of physics might be altered/changed, so the norm would not apply.

They might live in a universe where they don't have to worry about harm from radiation or not being able to breath in space.  

Usagi "Reina" Tsukino wrote at 2015-04-13 03:31:36
Hi! Me too am a sailor scout! You aren't the only one! I have had dreams too and my friends Too Had dreams... As we sailor scouts we must be prepared! I think the dreams are just a sign Just Believe!


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