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Hello, Geoffrey Veit

I just finished an interview for a position as sales rep.

What surprised me is that they wanted me to start working for them as soon as possible (with training included).

The job consists of selling credit card to customers (by signing them up), and we are required to meet a quota (3 sales per 2 hours).

I got 2 questions:

Is this job based on commission or do I get paid by the hour? (I was not comfortable to ask this question to the interviewer)

and, why did I get hired so fast? Normally I wait for days or sometimes weeks for employers to get back to me after my interview


PS: Could I get some advice from you on how to make credit card sales successfully?

It would seem you are on a commission of one type or another.  When you are paid by the hour and have a quota, that is a form of commission.  It's always OK, and a good idea, to ask what your paid and how often. You should ask about what happens for going over quota 4 or 5 in two hours and what are the results if you are under quota.  My guess is that the company started you before training because they know you will contact your friends and family.  If a company starts you without training, that's an indication that the training is either poor or not needed. That's like learning to swim by getting thrown in the deep water.
A quick start can also be an indication of high turn over. They are short handed so they need people right away. I don't want to damage your pride but it doesn't sound like the position is a career move.  
As far as sales advice in credit card sales here's all I can say because i don't know the product. Get to work, ready to work.  Call or accept calls more then anyone else. Don't let "no" get you it's just part of the job.  
There are always people who will say yes, you just have to find them by being persistent.  

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