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dear sir,

 i have target of 4 month. with in 4 month i have to show my sales target. im trying to success in that. but in between this time how i have to i can convince my boss to extend mt period.
how my behaviour communication, body language should be there. achieving sales target have the probality of 50%

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking me how you should act until your goal period is over and how to get more time to achieve your goal. The following is what I would do.
Instead of worrying about how to react to your situation, I would spend all of my time trying to achieve the goal. Sometimes targets and goals require more effort than expected and a lot more preparation.
Spend some time, every day, learning how to represent your product better.
Try to find new ways to funnel more prospects into your pool.
Learn more about “closing.” And read a book about your industry.
Ask for help from your manager or another person whenever you can’t get your prospect to give you an order.
I know it is hard to focus when the challenge is great but instead of telling yourself you can’t make it or maybe you will make it, expect yourself to make it right up until the last minute. No excuses, No reasons. Spend all of your time trying to achieve the goal and none of your time trying to avoid the responsibility.
If you miss your goal and you have done everything you can to hit it, there is no shame in that defeat. Remember that whether you think you will or you think you won’t, you are going to be right.
If you do this it will be the strongest communication you could do with your boss. The right head language will always produce the right body language. Don’t worry about getting more time to achieve your goal. Do all you can in the time that was allowed and it will be enough.  

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