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Hello Doug,

I'm Russ.  I have 3 potential sales job offers coming my way and need some assistance figuring out which would be the best option for me; got some tough decisions to make.  Can you help with this type of question?



Happy to help if I can, but not sure what I will be able to do in a forum like this.  My advice is that whatever they tell you that the income potential is, cut it in half, and you'll likely be pretty close to what most folks there actually make.  If you have three options, interview the other sales reps and see if they are people you like and respect.  Companies that attract high quality people and keep them are often good choices for long term career moves (especially if the pay is less, because the people are sticking around for other reasons).  Also, realize that sales doesn't really seem like work if you are having fun, so pick the company that you think you will have the most fun and satisfaction working for.

Good luck.

Doug Staneart

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