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I work in technical support for a software company and about 30 percent of my job is sales the other 70 percent is IT support. We are a small company and thus we all wear many hats.

My problem is that the leads my company provides are just a website (usually) , company name and phone number. I have NO contact name. Having no contact name creates resistance on the call immediately because I have to ask for a dept or head of whatever and it puts them on the defense immediately.

Ive been listening to inside sales audio series and reading books on cold calling but they always assume you have at least ONE contact name - even if that person doesn't work there anymore that discussion alone usually leads to the gatekeeper spilling who has replaced this person.

Do you have any advice on how to get past gatekeepers when you don't have a contact name?

My company doesn't impose a quota on me however I do get commissions off my sales. But eventually they will crack down on me for sure.

Thanks for your help

My apologies for missing this question. I don't login to AllExpert much.

It's pretty easy to get the information you need quickly.
<li>Read the "About Us" or "Meet the Team" and make an educated guess who is the right person</li>
<li>Look up the company on LinkedIn and Twitter to see what kind of social media presence they have and make an educated guess about who the right person is.</li>
<li>Just call the main line and ask "Hi, Gatekeeper, I'm hoping you can help me. I have a brochure I'd like to mail to your company but I'm not sure who to address it to. When it comes to evaluating new software for your company, does your CIO review everything first or do they have an IT Director or other staff that would look at it first?" Usually they'll say "Oh, that's Mary Jones the CIO" or "John Smith is the IT Director, send it to him."</li>

Now you have a name and you can mail them your brochure and/or a handwritten note or hang up, wait an hour or so and call back and ask for Mary Jones or John Smith directly and take it from there.

I have a course entitled Make Every Sale that can help you with that as well as the Inbound Sellers newsletter. Check those out for additional resources.

Good luck.

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