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Mr. Veit,

I have been a Sales Coordinator for 2+ years.  I have been approached by senior leadership at my current company regarding my interest in moving into an Inventory Manager role that is yet to be approved by corporate.  Some back story.  My company has placed a bid in to renew our contract with our provider.  We have a new CEO and other high ranking new members of our team.   That being said, promotions, hiring and raises are being heavily scrutinized.  I have spoken with senior leadership again, VP and GM, they want to give me a shot but can't until contract is renewed.

Fast forward, contract renewed, but no new developments.  How should I handle this?   If you need more back story, please do not hesitate.  

Also - can one progress into a high paying role after being a Sales Coordinator?  Ignore the above information please when answering that as I sometimes feel this potential promotion is the "carrot" being dangled in order to ensure ever increasing output/production in the face of an ever growing pile of work.  I know I have been paying my dues, and will continue to do so.  I am very lucky and happy to be gainfully employed.  I don't expect anything to be handed to me and everything I have gotten in life and work has been earned.  

My apologies for the lengthy question(s).

Please advise.

Kind regards,


     Your first question isn't about management, it is about career development.  Now that the contract is renewed I have only one word for you, "patience."  Let the atmosphere at your job get back to status quo and after a couple months, I suggest bringing it up to your boss by asking when you can look forward to the move.

The second question is another career path question but certainly more open to conjecture.  Higher paying roles go to those that do one or all of the following.

1. Bring the most value to the table. helping the company in general is a huge fact. Sales, helping others, no baggage and setting a great example for your peers

2. Work while others play. last to leave and first to come in.  Doing more than is expected

3. Well rounded in terms of product and business knowledge, Strong interpersonal skills, Flexible attitude
    Higher paying roles go to those that look, act and expect, a higher paying role.  

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