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Dear Mr. Doug
Thanks in advance for answering my question and guiding me through this difficult time.

I started a solar panel sales company.
My method of marketing is through door-to-door sales.

I have been unable to get almost all of my potential customers to fill the application to get solar panels installed on their roof. I have, however, been able to compile a list of email addresses and phone numbers to essentially send them more information.

I sent the first batch an email and I explained the many benefits of solar I.e. Environmental and financial.

I followed up with a phone call but I just get a "not interested" and I freeze up and let them go.

The solar panels, with the government subsidized feed in tariff program yields a 17% ROI/year and even with a line of credit, the payments the customer receives from the power authority exceeds the loan payments for the panels. So it is a win win no brainer for the qualified customer to install them.

Why are they not going forward with the sale, what am I doing wrong and how can I fix things/make them right!

Thanks again

All The Best



I may not have enough information to help you a lot, but based on what you have outlined, I can identify a couple of built-in challenges as well as a couple of tips. Door to door sales is really tough in today's world, and the neighborhood that you market to will be key to your success or failure. I haven't done any research on this market myself, but my gut-feeling would be that your best neighborhood would be an upper-middle class neighborhood where the potential customer is doing well enough to easily pay their current electric bill, but are looking for ways to increase wealth and are now beginning to become savvy about taxes. Lower socioeconomic groups will be less interested.

Customers have to have a number of things including the following:

(1) a need or dissatisfaction big enough to make a change (you have to find -- or make -- people who are upset with their current high electricity bills or maybe people who are looking for a backup plan in case of a blackout, etc.

(2) the resources to buy, which I'm assuming is the fee to purchase or good credit

(3) the authority to buy, which would be the home owner and not renter

(4) the willingness to work with you

If any of these four things are not present, then the deal will fall through 100% of the time. So, it is possible that the survey that you are asking them to complete is missing one of these key things, and you are marketing to people who aren't good potential customers.

If the people you are marketing to are good prospects, then your emails have to attempt to generate interest. They have to be personal (they can't appear to be email blasts), and they should try to move the prospect down the road to purchasing. They should also be very short and focused on a single thing that is of interest to the prospect.

"Joe, not sure if you remember me or not, but I was the guy with [you company name] who came by your house this afternoon. If you recall, I asked you _________________? and you mentioned to me that you were really upset with ___________________. In the past, I've been able to help others in your situation by ________________. Not sure if I can do the same for you, but would you be available Tuesday to discuss this?"

You might also look for other ways to market such as through remodeling contractors, etc.  

Good luck.

Doug Staneart

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