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Hi Geoffrey,

My name is Russ.  I am a sales manager and am trying to sharpen my management skills and also learn how to communicate with customers as a manager.  i have done well as a sales rep but now i sometimes go into meetings with my subordinates and i sometimes struggle with keeping the conversations moving and never know what the right kind of questions are to ask?  Do you have any suggestions? I realize its a work in progress and takes time :)



I think when meeting with a customer you should mention you are the manager only when you need to. If you are talking with a past customer of yours, they still see you as a salesperson so I suggest a personal hand off as though the new salesperson were assisting you and tell them to call if they ever need assistance.  

I always had three kinds of sales meetings. The first two weekly and the third one bi-monthly if needed.

1. Sales training. I picked a subject and shared what I thought was important and how it worked form and then I had others share what they thought.  I sometimes setup a plan of action or spiff to get it going. Nothing negative
2. Product or logistics.   This meeting is about policy review or new policies, product additions and changes and competitive product information.  Also covered short and long range plans for the entire department. Nothing negative
3. Performance or conduct reviews are done only one on one.  First what is good or what is working well for them, second what changes are needed and how to achieve them 3. Mentioning and thanking them for a good job and their support

If your peers and other employees that you worked with, on the same level prior to the promotion, give you a little push back, you must ignore it.  If someone is disrupting the entire sales department because of your promotion than you must act on it swiftly but if possible ignore it because time heals all wounds.  

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