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Saltwater Aquarium/sand tube worms


Kevin wrote at 2015-12-08 04:51:42
I have a newly formed tank and I had bubble algae got pair of emerald crabs they def cleaned up the bubble algae

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Bill Bergovoy


Hello, I can try to help you answer most questions regarding the setup and maintenance of your saltwater aquarium. I am experienced in plumbing and electrical needs to setup your tank using regular tools and average knowledge and experience. I am familiar with Lighting, skimmers, and most every aquarium tool and equipment out there. I can also help you understand the minimum needs and requirements to safely and quickly estblish your tank, to minimize the loss of marine life.


I have been in this hobby for almost four (4) years now, but my experience in construction helps me with the necessary electrical and plumbing needed and used by todays 'hobbyist' for allthefun DIY projects. I have also established a reputation in the Southern California area for being helpful not only in answering questions, but in going to folks houses and places of work to help)

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