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Saltwater Aquarium/ich on my puffer? should i let him fight it off naturally ? its not bad yet


hi, i have a porcupine puffer and he seems to be developing ich. he only has a few dots on his tail and a couple on his top fin. other then that he is swimming around and eating normally. Should i let him try to fight it off on his own? or step in now?

at this point the best thing to do as go on as normal, try to keep him extra healthy with adequate feeding and good water quality. if it gets worse you might want to try hypo salinity.but i would not go to the extent of adding copper to the tank as then it will be inhospitable to any inverts and you just don't want that. if hypo salinity doesn't work the next best thing is to try some other herbal treatments that are invert friendly, contrary to popular belief that are nearly as effective as copper. if all else fails its best to empty the tank of livestock so the ich can just die out on its own without a host.

hope that helps sabrina.


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