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hi, i have a porcupine puffer and he seems to be developing ich. he only has a few dots on his tail and a couple on his top fin. other then that he is swimming around and eating normally. Should i let him try to fight it off on his own? or step in now?

Hi Sabrina:

Sorry to hear of this. Puffers are typically hardy, he may fight it off on his own.

Below I will describe one method of treatment, its called the Hyposalinity Treatment. It's a 3 to 4 week treatment, because this is typically the life cycle span of marine ich.

You would set up a large quarantine tank to put your puffer in; you would want to lower the salinity to approximately 1.009; this will help kill the ich. To cut expenses you can use a new rubber maid tub container, with an adequately sized hang-on style filter; include a few pieces of the larger sized PVC pipe or ABC pipe for him to hide in.

In order for the hyposalinity treatment to be effective, it has to be at 1.009. Anything higher and the ich can survive the treatment. Lowering the salinity fast is generally ok for the puffer fish, you can drip acclimate your puffer fish into the quarantine tank water to get it fully adjusted and accustomed to this new lower salinity level.

However, when the treatment is over in a few weeks, you cannot raise the salinity more than .001 per day, before returning it to the normal level of approximately 1.022

I wish you much success with your puffer fish.

Let me know if he makes a full recovery.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

David - All Experts - Director  

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