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My Salt Water Aquarium 2012
My Salt Water Aquarium  
I have a 45 gallon salt water aquarium.  Presently my protein filter went out and I was considering a drilled system with everything underneath.  What do you thing the cost of such should be?  Just don't want the company I am dealing with to overprice the set up for me.  He said I should probably have a 30 gallon tank underneath.  Please give me your advice?  Thanks!


This particular setup is called a sump, they can either be had with a drilled system where water spills directly into the sump or an overflow where water enters a spillway and is then siphoned into the sump. the overflow is typically the cheaper but no matter what the cheapest method by far will be buying used. craigslist is a fantastic place to go to buy full aquarium setups. if you are thinking you want to drill your existing tank then there are many places that will do it, however if it is a starphire tempered tank it is not possible to drill it.

as for sump size, it does not particularly matter however you will want to go as large as possible to have the highest amount of water volume so your tank is more stable. 30 would be a good size.

hope that helps Sandra, Good luck!


also that setup you have now is looking quite nice! the lighting looks particularly striking.  

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