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Saltwater Aquarium/i think my filter is spining the wrong way


i have a solana  saltwater fish tank and my dad got me a bubbler like on of thoes thing that spit air bubbles into the tank but the tube i have to hook it up to is not blowing air its suck ing in so i thin my filter is spining the wrong way please help me!!! a

I believe you are referring to an air pump, am i correct? in this case if it is sucking in water there is a major problem considering an air pump isn't water proof so you would be exposing it to water.

But also you may be talking about the return pump, a return pump is usually similar to say a vacuum, there are two openings. one opening sucks water in and the other pushes water out. your return pump could simply be reversed and that is whats causing it to suck water in.

hope that helps Avian.


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