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Saltwater Aquarium/what type of light should i use


MaxImus wrote at 2013-02-08 21:06:48
The Tesla Svelte LED Aquarium light is a cheap knockoff of the Maxspect Razor. I wouldn't support companies (manufacturers and distributors) that sell and promote inferior copies of products.

Buyer Beware!


OCReef wrote at 2013-02-12 01:23:53

The Tesla Svelte LED Aquarium light is not a cheap knockoff of the Maxspect Razor. We're not quite sure how you could say this, when you've never personally seen and/or tested the Tesla. We'll try to put this to rest, so you don't have to continue going around the web bad mouthing the Tesla, including on youtube, blogger, reeferscafe, livingreefs, and super-fish which we've already seen on numerous accounts. The Tesla LED Aquarium light has never claimed once to be like the Maxspect Razor.

This particular flat heat sink design, including led pads positioned down the center of the fixture was originally developed in Europe, approximately 8 years ago. Just so you know the Tesla Svelte does not incorporate one single component that the Razor has. However we can see how you would think this, being that the legs on both of these fixtures are very similar.

Lets compare the two:


Tesla: Made in the USA / Austria

Razor: Asia / Japan

Heat Sink:

Tesla: One piece approx. 2" thickness

Razor: Two piece approx. .09" thickness


Tesla: 23.75"

Razor: 20.5" and 27"

Wireless Remote Control:

Tesla: Yes

Razor: None


Tesla: Internal / Proprietary

Razor: External / Meanwell

LEDs per pad:

Tesla: 12

Razor: 13


Tesla: 108

Razor: starting at 120


Tesla: four channels

Razor: two channels

USA Owners / Distributors:

Tesla: Tesla Motors, Inc. / Sold at OCReef and a few others throughout the USA and Austria

Razor: Coralvue USA / Maxspect Japan

The differences go on and on... including the controller configurations, but as you can see they are completely different in just about every aspect.  

OCReef wrote at 2013-02-12 23:19:45
This reply from Max to the original question is false, inaccurate and should be removed.

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