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Saltwater Aquarium/Water softener question for salt water tank


I am thinking about starting up a salt water aquarium, however one hurdle is that I have is that  I have a water softener in my house that my water runs through. I do not know if this if fine or if I need to add anything to the water to make it unharmful for my tank

Thanks James


the point of a water softener is to lower the PH of the water you drink and bathe in in your house. it supposedly makes it healthier for you or something. this makes the water PH suitable for freshwater which typically is around 7.0 whereas saltwater is between 8.0-8.5. usually adding decorations such as shells, sand, and live rock the water should already harden qhite a bit. but they also have a product on the market called PH boost that will bring it up to the proper levels.

hope that helps james.


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