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QUESTION: I found some coral in a shed, will coral come back to life? Outside there was a few fan coral, about half the purple color was still on them and they smelled of rotting fish or seaweed or similar-any chance they are still partly alive. They all had foam bases so I guess they were in an aquarium originally. If the fans could be alive, what kind of water can I put them in until I get a real saltwater tank?

ANSWER: Unfortunately coral will not come back to life, although the good news is once you get a good saltwater tank set up the coral can often be used as tank decor. and the calcium skeleton will raise the PH to the good level for a reef tank.

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QUESTION: not even the fan corals?

No sorry, corals are very fragile creatures and just a few minutes out of water will lead them to their demise. some corals are more used to the rising and lowering of tides so they can stand a little longer in air (up to a couple hours even) but any long period out of will kill any coral.  

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