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I have a question about my Tube anemone .. It seems very happy and has no trouble eating.. She is beautiful neon green in the middle of her.. What I need to know is why all of a sudden in the last 2 weeks or so there is now this deep purple stuff around her ?? it's about at least half inch wide all the way around her laying on the sand.. Wondering what it is and do I try to clean it up .. Is she ok ??
         Thanks Valerie

Well Valerie,this questions really has me i am not too familiar with tube anemones and have only owned one ever before in all of my reefing. i believe this may be related to the reproduction system of the particular tube anemone. i do not believe it is harmful. if you do not like the look there is probably no problem with removing it.  

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i have about 15 years of experience in the reefing hobby but have been keeping aquariums for about 20, i am up to date on all the latest equipment such as led lighting, dosers, the new tanks available such as the red sea max and i can help you with many creatures that most other people have never even kept before such as sehorses, cephs, and sharks and rays.


15 years in the reefing hobby and it has come to my attention this site needs some more informed experts.


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