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QUESTION: I have had my Stars and Stripes puffer for about a year now. Used to hog all the food in the tank. Now wont eat at all. Still looks healthy but just lays on a piece of dead coral or swims above it. I have been feeding him raw shrimp chunks from the store. Used to love it. Put in a higher power head into tank and this is about when he stopped eating. I have a 55 gallon fake coral and fish only tank. Only other fish in right now is a damsel.
Puffer actually took out my last trigger i think. Salt 1.020 nitrite. 0. Ammonia 0 nitrate10 ph 8.4 tried putting krill in today and nothing. Suggestions. Thanks

ANSWER: Sorry about your trouble with the puffer Kyle. Your puffers lack of appetite could be attributed to several things. he could possibly have some sort of internal parasite or infection. in which case you should quarantine and medicate him.

also you said you added a higher powered pump into the tank, this could make it so he is uncomfortable swimming around the tank for fear of being overwhelmed by the flow. the way he just sits in the same place suggests this might be the case.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: If the power head is the case will he get used to it? I think the size I had before( the smallest one) was too small for the actual tank in general. I know when I first put it in he did not like it. I moved it around to different places. Now I have it angled towards the back of the tank so it bounces off the glass and sort of hits the center fake coral to disperse the current. Would this help?

well i do not know exactly the current we are talking here. what is the brand and size of power head? what do you think?if it seems like it is too much for the puffer than yes i would probably return it for the smaller one or just lower the setting of flow on it if it has the option. as you said you have fake coral, you really only need such large amounts of flow in a tank that has live coral and inverts in it. fish dont need much to make them happy. especially puffers which are fairly weak swimmers compared to alot of other fish.  

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