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I started up a 90 gallon saltwater tank with my boyfriend and we put about 7 small fish in. The problem is that the fish keep disappearing and we have no idea how, I'm wondering if maybe they are too small for the system and believe they are possibly in the tubes of the filters. My boyfriend doesn't think its possible and wont check so I'm asking the experts. Hope you can help, thank you!


sorry to hear about your problems. what fish did you put in your system? im thinking you most likely purchased a few damsels. and you may be right. your system is rather large for such a small fish and they may very well be living and thriving in the tank. they are just out of your sight. but there is always the possibility that they jumped out of the tank, or like you said got caught in the filtration system. i would suggest checking these places. if the fish die they will have a small impact on the tank as it is large. but in a smaller scale tank a death of a few fish like this could easily crash the tank. i hope this helps a bit, i know how difficult these situations can be sometimes.


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i have about 15 years of experience in the reefing hobby but have been keeping aquariums for about 20, i am up to date on all the latest equipment such as led lighting, dosers, the new tanks available such as the red sea max and i can help you with many creatures that most other people have never even kept before such as sehorses, cephs, and sharks and rays.


15 years in the reefing hobby and it has come to my attention this site needs some more informed experts.


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