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Is it possible that our saltwater dwarf puffer nibbled and killed all of our other fish (orchid dottyback, clownfish, and anglefish)? I did not think these were aggressive fish, but when each of these fish died (over several months), I noticed what looked like small chunks of the fish were missing. As of yesterday, there are no other fish left but the dwarf puffer. So before I add new fish, I wanted to ask about the puffer. We've had our water checked several times because I thought maybe there was something in the water that was killing the other fish. But now, I wonder if it's the puffer. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


i highly doubt that your dwarf puffer did that, however it would not be impossible. if there are signs of aggression in the tank when you are watching it this could maybe be a possibility.

but im betting these fish died of other causes, and maybe the cleanup crew got to them before you could see the bodies. i know this has happened to me many a time. the clean up crew in your tank is always going to be very efficient. once a fish dies they will make quick work of it. i once went away on a business trip and got back, the person i had watching my tank said my angelfish had died but they wouldnt take it out of the tank, but luckily there were no ill repercussions as my clean up crew made quick work of the fish.

the real question you may want to ask yourself is why all the fish are dying. it could be many things and i cannot fully help you without knowing every little detail about your tank (tank size, livestock, filtration, other specs, water params, etc.)

hope that helps a bit Robin,


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